Environmental policy

WTS is a company that promotes a better environment by constantly evaluating what we do in terms of its environmental impact.

Our business is based on reducing emissions of CO2 and other emissions that are detrimental to the environment.


Therefore, our basic attitude is that as many as possible shall take advantage of WTS products and knowledge and use renewable fuels in energy production instead of fossil fuels.

To achieve this, we will:

  •  work to increase knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among employees and customers.
  • influence, make demands on clients and collaborate with other businesses, suppliers, governments and organizations.
  • ensure environmental measures as investment.
  • prevent pollution of air, soil and water by taking into account the environmental impact of what we do.
  • constantly strive to improve the utilization of our resources within the company.

Environmental organization

Environmental issues are driven by the environmental manager.  Our environmental work includes projects and activities related to all activities of the company. This is based on the international standard ISO 14001. We are not yet certified but intend to certify the company in accordance with this standard. Through continuous staff meetings, discussions with customers and suppliers, we can help each other to bring the environmental work forward.

Action plan

We have drawn up an action plan, based on our goal. The action plan includes the following:

  • Sorting of waste

We sort our waste and leave the paper for recycling

  • Energy saving measures

A defined objective is to increase the use of computers and appropriate software to reduce paper use to disseminate information to staff, customers and suppliers.

Eco-friendly purchases. A defined objective is to always consider environmental aspects when purchasing products which are used in business, everything from vehicles and fuels to copy paper and pens. This has resulted in a shift to more environmentally friendly products.

  • Environmental requirements for our products and services

The products and services we market must be made of materials that can be recovered or recycled materials where possible. One of the company’s goal is to remove the products from the activities which are not made in an environmentally friendly manner or contain hazardous substances.

  • Environmental requirements for suppliers

One of the company’s environmental objectives are to influence our main suppliers to always consider the environmental aspects of its production and business.

  • Use of the best available fuel and reduced fuel consumption

One of the targets set for the business provides optimum fuel and demands for action to reduce fuel consumption.

  • Environmental information for employees, customers and suppliers

All employees of the business must be aware of the company’s environmental goals. This is followed up regularly at staff meetings where new information is given. Through oral and written communication informing our customers about our ongoing environmental work. With our suppliers, we have an ongoing dialogue about environmental improvements.