Norrenergi P4

WTS Supply
  • 4x15 MW WTS burners for wood powder and LFO

Bionorr AB, Sweden

WTS Supply
  • Dryer calculations
  • Wood powder burner system
  • Wood powder mill system
  • Gas train & start up of the plant

Nordic Paper, Säffle

WTS Supply
  • Briquette and pellets storage
  • Wood powder milling system
  • Wood powder burner with dosing

Norrenergi AB, Solna, Sweden

WTS Supply
  • 4 Wood powder burner systems
  • 250 m3 wood powder storage silo
  • 4 dosing transport systems
  • Electrical, Control and Mechanical Installation.

Tarkett Sommers, Hanaskog, Sweden

WTS Supply
  • Hammer mill for wood powder production
  • Wood powder dosing system
  • VTS multifuel burner for wood powder8 MW
  • Steam boiler (12,3 t/h, 7 bar) for process steam
  • Electrical installation and control system.