CzarnaWoda, CzarnaWoda, Poland

ZPP”Czarna Woda” is a board plant that produces hard board, Soft board and Insulation board. From the production different fractions of board waste is available.

The plant has three steam boilers, one OSR-32 and two OSR-25. The 8 MW wood powder burner was installed in the free board above the grate in the OSR 32.

The aim of the project has been to utilise all board waste and to be able to maintain steam production with only one boiler. Both goals have been reached. Maximum steam capacity of the OSR-32 boiler have been increased to 40t/h.

The installation:

Below a central filter for the whole board plant a shredder and a mill has been located. Pieces of board waste are shredded into finer pieces before entering the mill. From the central filter waste is feed direct to the mill. The waste is milled to powder and the transported to a cyclone on top of a 300 m3 silo. Below the silo is a dosing unit located and the wood powder is pneumatically transported to the burner.

The burner is located in the front wall of the boiler. The coal firing on the grate is still in operation and the co-firing with wood powder improves the burnout of coal by the hot turbulent zone from the wood powder burner.

The burner control cabinet is automatic but the operators regulate the burner capacity.