Presentation: Burners for biomass & other combustion systems

WTS’ main business orientation is converting oil, gas and coal fueled boilers, mostly located at district heating-, process steam- and CHP-plants, into profitable high effective biofuel combustion sites.
WTS also delivers multifueled burner equipment to new installations.

We utilize the properties of thermal energy and put it to use in an highly effective and environmentally friendly way. Together with our customers WTS’ combustion solutions help reducing global emissions of daily.

Our customers are usually
found within the process-, energy-, pulp/paper- and the pellet industries. WTS’ products are installed all over the world, such as Scandinavia, USA, Russia, Poland, Thailand, Slovakia and Malaysia.

For over 25 years, WTS has been providing its customers with not only well engineered products. We also deliver the combined knowledge of many years in the industry, concurrently with a wide range of special and specific skills in our co-workers and consultants.
This enables us to be a competent and reliable partner which possess both the tools and capabilities for effective contributions throughout entire pro- jects, whether it’s a smaller plant or a large scale site.

From our headquarter in Nyköping, Sweden we manufacture multifuel burners to supply and service a constant growing market.

WTS’ technology is very timely and we recognize that the market for bio fuel, both as powder as well as in liquid form, is continuously increasing. The main reason being that the conversion of fossil fired plants are, in many respects, a much more beneficial solution in comparison to construct new facilities

WTS continually meet
new challenges of various boiler types and processes. Today also more and more challenging type of fuels are entering the market, which sets very high demands regarding emissions and ash characteristics

In order to stay in the leading lane, and for being able to face up to increasing environmental demands and legislation, WTS spend a lot of time, effort and resources on research and development.