Swedwood Slovakia SpolS.r.o., Malacky I, Slovakia

Swedwood Slovakia has built a chipboard plant in Malacky Slovakia
For the dryer system grinding dust from board production is used as primary fuel.
The dryer is direct fired and in the system.

VTS AB software supply: The design of the combustion system, the burner chamber , the primary flash drier and re-design of the dryer.
VTS hardware supply: The 12 MW burner, wood powder transport system and gas train.
The burner installation:
As start up fuel and additional fuel natural gas is used. Wood powder is stored in a storage silo. The wood powder to use enters a dosing bin and variable speed motors control the powder capacity. The wood powder passes a rotary seal and pneumatically feed to the burner. The burner is equipped with natural gas lance and the possibility to use both fuels at the same time in any proportion. When wood powder is available for full capacity, no additional fuel is needed for flame stabilization.
The burner is fully automatic and is operated from the dryer control room.