Tampere Energy, Finland

Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy selected MW Power (current Valmet) to supply the environmentally friendly pellet-fired heating plant. World Thermal Service AB was selected by Valmet to deliver the powder firing technology.

Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy in Tampere has the largest plant for wood powder combustion in Finland. WTS AB was selected by Valmet Oy as supplier of the milling system and the multi-fuel burner.

Pellets, stored in two 500 m3 silos, are conveyed to a hammer mill where it is grinded to correct particle size and transported by a pneumatic system to a wood powder silo. From the powder silo, compressed air is used for dosing and transporting the powder to the burner. The plant is equipped with a Firefly system for spark detection and fire extinguishing. The burners are installed in the top of the boiler.

By replacing the old boilers with a new modern wood powder-fired boiler the company’s CO2emissions have been significantly reduced.

The technology used is based on pellet fuel being pulverized in separate grinding mills and burned in a pulverized combustion boiler. The pulverized fuel allows for clean, energy efficient and flexible heat generation.

The  33 Mw wood powder burner is a multi-fuel burner that can be fired with oil in addition to wood powder, if necessary.The firing rate for oil is 47 MW.