WTS main business is powder burners, multi-fuel burners for powder, oil, and gas

  • WTS AB is a Swedish burner manufacturing company specialized in wood
    powder / dust combustion and operating world wide.
  • Our specialty is to convert oil, gas or coal fired boilers to wood powder
    combustion for district heating, process steam, CHP and power stations.
  • We also supply multi fuel burners and fuel processing equipment for new
  • Our customers are found in the process industry, energy companies, pellet
    industry and pulp & paper companies.
  • WTS turns dated fossil assets into profitable high effective biomass assets.
  • With over 25 years of industry experience WTS possess an unique accumulated knowledge covering the entire industry field.
  • WTS combustion system works as reliable and easy as gas & oil combustion – but with renewable fuels.
  • WTS has reference installations worldwide since 1989.